Friday, August 21, 2015

Install OpenDJ Directory Server With a Properties File

We were working with some AWS engineers on creating puppet scripts for a Open Identity Stack installation.

OpenDJ installation with a properties file was what we tackled first since it is fairly easy to get OpenDJ up and running, with command line.

There is a section in ForgeRock Documentation that describes how to Install OpenDJ Directory Server With a Properties File.

A sample properties file was given, but it was unclear what is the use of ldifFile?

As I didn't know what was that ldifFile parameter for, I commented it during installation. All went fine and the installation was completed successfully. But ...

When we started to configure OpenAM, we encountered error - "Invalid Suffix".

So I fired up OpenDJ Control Panel to take a look, and I discovered why. 

There was no entry at all. 

Usually when I install OpenDJ via command line, I would be given an option to choose like the following:

And I usually choose Option 1. I needed an equivalent via the Properties File installation method.

The documentation was not clear enough what we should do in such a situation. So I played around with the ldifFile parameter. I should define a base entry in the ldif File. And that will do.

dn: dc=cdemo,dc=sg
dc: cdemo
objectClass: top
objectClass: domain
And that really solved the issue! A check with OpenDJ Control Panel showed everything was in place after the successful configuration of OpenAM.



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