Wednesday, August 19, 2015

OpenAM 12 : Changes & Deprecated Functionality

We kick-started an Open Identity Stack (OpenAM, OpenIdM, OpenDJ) project yesterday. * feeling excited *

So for this project, we intend to use OpenAM 12.0.1 - the latest release to 12 series.

In Additional New Features, I saw the following which my customers asked for:

  • Audit Logging to Syslog
  • CORS Support for OpenAM APIs
  • Session Failover Across Sites
  • Whitelist for Custom Login URIs
  • Policy Support for Common HTTP Operations

Personally, since I'm very much into the internal working of OpenAM, my favourite will be:

  • Reduced Cross-Talk

In OpenAM 12, there are quite a number of important changes which we need to be aware of. Read Chapter 3. OpenAM Changes & Deprecated Functionality.

The Policy Evaluation engine has undergone huge changes, so one has to be careful here when performing an upgrade. Luckily this is a green field project!

There is also a lot of fixes - read 4.1. Key Fixes.


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