Thursday, October 15, 2015

OpenAM XUI Policy Editor ... on Safari

I was developing a custom policy condition for a customer. In the process, I was constantly clearing/disabling browser cache and was playing with XUI Policy Editor a lot. 

I'm seldom on Safari even though I'm using a Mac. But because of my laziness to keep clearing cache, I used Safari in one of my testings. That's when I found something weird in Safari. 

The last line "policy.subjectType.Policy.title" in Subject Conditions is always showing in Safari.

The last line "policy.conditionTypes.Policy.title" in Environment Conditions is always showing in Safari.

Note: I only added a MySQL Query Filter Condition which works perfectly fine.

So I went ahead to install a default OpenAM without any customisation.  The same behaviour exists in Safari.

Kind of strange... maybe I'll spend some time searching OpenAM bugster to see if this issue has been raised before.


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