Tuesday, February 2, 2016

OpenDJ Naming Conflicts nsuniqueid=xxx

Just realized I took a long break from blogging. So, I took a long holiday in December to make a family trip to Taiwan. Nice place to be in! In fact, I visit Taiwan frequently. This time round, we went to the eastern side of Taiwan - Taitung area. 

So, we have a long time customer who is using OpenDJ as a centralized user store. Few weeks back, he emailed to notify me that he found some "weird" user entries with DN as such:

dn: nsuniqueid=85c95685-21eb11df-80d5c084-e9b4da2d+uid=stageon238,ou=members,o=XXX.sg

A similar entry was found in the same OpenDJ:

dn: uid=stageon238,ou=members,o=XXX.sg

This is a naming conflict that only happens for replayed operations in a MMR setup.

I am not able to find any documentation from OpenDJ. Here are 2 links that talk about this naming conflict:

  1. Resolving Naming Conflicts
  2. Solving Naming Conflicts

In short, remove the entry which is older.


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