Wednesday, February 10, 2016

OpenDJ with Data at Rest Encryption Solutions

We just completed a POC for a customer few weeks ago. This is a long time customer using Sun Directory Server and subsequently ported over to ForgeRock OpenDJ.

Recently, due to the strict PDPA requirement from the PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore), we are to ensure the user profiles stored in OpenDJ are kept totally safe.

So, few weeks ago, we worked with Gemalto engineers to deploy OpenDJ local DB backend on a partition that is protected by SafeNet Data at Rest Encryption.

Worked like a charm!

I asked my colleage to run a little load-test (6 Connections / 4 Threads) using OpenDJ SDK Toolkit for comparison.

The response time for search operation looks pretty similiar. 

 Now, when it comes to write operations, then there is quite a bit difference in the response time.

Need to be careful in deployment sizing when customer decides on this solution.


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