Monday, February 29, 2016

OpenDJ with Data at Rest Encryption Solutions Part II

I blogged about OpenDJ with Data at Rest Encryption Solutions few weeks back. The POC was carried out with OpenDJ 2.6.

OpenDJ 3.0 has recently been released and the test equipment (SafeNet Data at Rest Encryption appliance) is still in our office, why not let's run a test again OpenDJ 3.0? :)

In OpenDJ 3.0, there are 2 local DB backends to choose from: JE (Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition - 2.5 version) and PDB.

The throughtput for search operation is faster in OpenDJ 3.0 as compared to version 2.6. The response times are also slightly faster.

Encrypted partition: 11229 (JE) & 10488 (PDB) vs 10210 (JE)   ~10% diff
Non-encrypted partition: 11305 (JE) & 11235 (PDB) vs 10410 (JE)  ~ 8.5% diff

For write operations, the difference in throughput is not big. In fact, PDB performs worse. (Hmmm... Maybe need to ask my colleague to re-run the test again) ..

Encrypted partition: 2926 (JE) & 2758 (PDB) vs 2750 (JE)   ~6.5% diff
Non-encrypted partition: 3282 (JE) & 2824 (PDB) vs 3199 (JE)  ~ 2.5% diff

The difference in response time is also not big. Again, I might want to re-run the test for PDB again. Or maybe some tuning is required. Not sure, it's something new to me. :)

Encrypted partition: 8.2 (JE) & 8.70 (PDB) vs 8.72 (JE)
Non-encrypted partition: 7.3 (JE) & 8.4 (PDB) vs 7.5 (JE)


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