Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stable Release

Some customers have this notion that they should start deploying the latest stable release as and when it is made available, even to the extend of making an upgrade during project implementation.

These are the type of customers with no operational experience. They also happen to be the group who has very little product development background. 

On the other hand, I have a customer who is still running OpenAM 10.0.2. We talked about upgrading last November. I told him OpenAM 13.0.0 was scheduled to be released in December. 

Straight-away, he made the decision to request for upgrade budget from Management, but the upgrade job is only to be carried out this August. Why? 

"Never go for the initial release of a major release. I am going to wait for the next minor release to 13.0.0." Wise man! I like working with this type of customer. Same frequency. Some customers question/doubt you when you tell them from your field experience. :)

By the way, OpenAM 13.5 is on the way soon.... 

  • Summer 2016 
  • Push Authentication offering password-less operation 
  • Further Admin Console ease of use work 
  • Stateless OAuth2/OIDC


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