Thursday, July 28, 2016

RSA SecurID Access

Last week, RSA announced the release of RSA SecurID Access. RSA SecurID Access starts with the RSA SecurID solution at its heart and it combines the feature of the old RSA VIA Access.

By the way, the whole VIA Access product line is now rebranded under SecurID Access.

The plus point is the Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Service to protect cloud and SaaS applications with a variety of mobile optimized authentication methods, which include push notifications, biometrics and FIDO coupled with Identity Assurance.

Identity Assurance is similar to the commonly known Adaptive Risk Authentication, except Identity Assurance currently is not able to track history of users' profiles.

The engineer who demonstrated to me was expecting me to respond with a "Wow! This is innovative!".

But ... I saw something like this few years ago - Salesforce + ForgeRock = Salesforce Identity Connect and ForgeRock Releases Breakthrough Identity Bridge for Cloud Service Providers.

Architecturally, this is nothing new to me.


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