Wednesday, August 3, 2016

OpenAM 13.5

ForgeRock released OpenAM 13.5 few weeks ago. Well, to be politically correct, ForgeRock delivered a Mid-Year Platform Minor release few weeks ago. Marketing gimmick! :)

Behind the hook, every single product (OpenAM, OpenDJ, OpenIDM, OpenIG) is still installed individually. Versioning for each product is still not aligned - OpenAM 13.5, OpenDJ 3.5, OpenIDM 4.5, OpenIG 4.5. Why .5 and not the usual increment to .2, then .3? Marketing gimmick! :)

For the first time, ForgeRock is delivering a Mid-Year Platform Minor release that is available only to subscription customers. Non-subscribing community customers can get access to these new features in our next major release. From this point forward, we will ship product 2x per year to get you faster access to the latest features.

As this is a minor release it includes several new and important features that customers can now get access to via BackStage, including: 
  • Push Authentication for Passwordless Login and Frictionless Second Factor Authentication 
  • Stateless OAuth Token and Server Support 
  • Identity Relationship Visualisation 
  • Common Audit Event Handlers for ElasticSearch, JMS 
  • API Protection (Rate Limiting) 
  • Encrypted Database Entries

Let's zoom into OpenAM 13.5. Release Notes here.

The Push Authentication is a nice feature to have. Again, this is the trend these days. An Access Management product without this feature will not look attractive. Technical detail of how Push Authentication works here.

I saw a demo last week and managed to capture a few screens.

The following is a quick overview of how Push Authentication works.

Nice feature! :)


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