Friday, January 27, 2017

You don't have permission to access /openam/naming service

We have just migrated to the latest version of JIRA and I was trying to integrate OpenAM with it the other day via Openam Client SDK.

No issue with setup.

[azlabs@sg-jira openam]$ ./scripts/
Debug directory (make sure this directory exists): /appl/jira/jira/logs
Application user (e.g. URLAccessAgent) password: XXXX
Protocol of the server: https
Host name of the server:
Port of the server: 443
Server's deployment URI: openam
Naming URL (hit enter to accept default value,

However, when I tried to verify if the configuration was done properly by using the script, my log-in was unsuccessful! I saw the following error in the debug log. This is the Client SDK debug log.

I received HTTP response code 403.

How can that be? Our OpenAM is in production and has been running for months with no down time. How can the namingservice be unavailable?

After a while, then I recalled that our Apache Reverse Proxy server was hardened to restrict certain OpenAM Service URLs from exposing to the Internet.

Oh well, I was the one who configured it back then and I couldn't remember. Ha!

After the new IP address was added, the ran successfully.

It's a best practice to restrict access to URIs that you do not use, and prevent internal endpoints from being reachable over the Internet.. Have you done so in your deployment? If not, there's a section in OpenAM Administration Documentation - Secure OpenAM. Head over there for a read.


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