Wednesday, August 2, 2017

API Management Lifecycle

Reset. Recharge. Refocus.

These days, API Management is a hot topic. Every ministry, every insurance company, every bank ... they are trying to publish APIs to the external world.

What's the purpose? It is clearly illustrated in the diagram below:

1. Higher customer satisfaction
2. Higher transaction volumes
3. Higher digital reach

As simple as that.

So, a lot of vendors rush in to deliver API projects. Most think it's as simple as deploying the API Gateway, configure a few security policies and create a few endpoints. Then proceed to sign-off.

So simple. Easy money.

Well, if money is so easy to earn.... :)

From our experience with a few customers who have gone live so far, this has been a long journey - the Full Lifecycle API Management journey.

The whole process is time-consuming. It involves multiple decision makers from different business units. The implementation is tough and requires multiple iterations to get an API published in an optimal manner.

The lifecycle requires a API architect to oversee the project and to get the various stakeholders to head towards a common goal. The architect has to manage internal customers (backend application owners) and external customers (API consumers/developers).

The published APIs have to be easy to consume, yet they have to adhere to the highest security standard.

Not as simple as many vendors would have expect a API project to be.

This is where we like to position ourselves. This challenge is what we are looking forward to.


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