Friday, August 4, 2017

CA API Developer Portal UI Customization

CA API Developer Portal is an add-on to CA API Gateway.

CA API Developer Portal simplifies API discovery for developers and provides them with access to enterprise data so they can get to building apps fast. Relationships with developers, partners and third parties are easily managed and analytics provide valuable operational data for optimizing your business.

Developers can use the portal to:

  • Discover what APIs are available and apply for access 
  • Receive authorization to use APIs and get API keys 
  • Get started on development faster with educational tools including an API catalog, sample applications, mobile device SDKs and code generation

There is a in-built CMS (Content Management Server) that shipped together with CA API Developer Portal.

Most customers use the CMS to customize to their corporates' look and feel. However, almost all look the same in terms of layout.

We have a customer who demands that he does not want his CA API Developer Portal to look like any other CA API Developer Portal. :) 

Can it be done, yet utilizing the same CMS? If you ask your engineers, no way! 

"It can't be done. I have played with the CSS within the CA API Developer Portal already. It's very tough. Not worth the effort."

Customer did not buy it. He was willing to pay. Well, we engaged a professional design firm (owned by a friend of mine). 

Here we go ...

Customer is super happy! The best part is there is no total overhaul. The designers are very well-versed with CSS. They used back the same CMS and tweaked the CSS only.

I am impressed. 


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