Saturday, August 19, 2017


“CA Microgateway is a great example of how more and more of the tech industry is realizing that APIs are not just how we integrate tools and apps, APIs are the new way of doing business and building new revolutionary technologies,” Said Geoff Domoracki, Founder of API World.

CA Microgateway has received a 2017 API Award for the category: Microservices APIs. While the product is still in beta, its ability to deliver aggregation, orchestration, security and management to microservice architectures impressed the judging panel for API World this year.

Kind of strange to me that a beta product can win an award. :)

So what is really a Microgateway? Why do you need one if API Gateway has been recommended over the years?

I could not find a good explanation in CA documentation. Well, since it is still in beta, I would expect there are not too many real use cases to talk about.

Google Apigee has better explanation.

  • Reduce latency of traffic for close proximity services 
  • Keep API traffic within the enterprise-approved boundaries because of security or compliance purposes 
  • Continue processing messages if internet connection is lost

Features of Google Apigee Microgateway:

When to use Microgateway over traditional Enterprise Gateway?

This is the most important slide. 

  • API has to be light-weight. (otherwise, how do you classify yourself as microservice?)
  • Few APIs to a gateway 
  • No complex mediation rule (aka no heavy-duty processing)
  • Small scale (100+ APIs per sec)
  • Internal API for app-to-app integration 


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