Tuesday, April 3, 2018

PAM ranking in Kuppercole

During meet-up with customers, when we introduce One Identity PAM (either the older TPAM or the newer SafeGuard), we'll more than likely be directed to this following ranking. The one below is from Kuppercole. Some customers use Gartner.

In any case, One Identity ranking for PAM is not fantastic, especially for SafeGuard as it is a total rewrite. It is primarily due to the fact that the product line for TPAM is aging. With SafeGuard, you can add in REST, Analytics and more importantly, sexy UI. (Have you used TPAM before? Oh man, the UI is shitty! But honestly, it works like a charm!)

Interestingly, One Identity bought Balabit (https://www.balabit.com/) few months ago. The session recording feature in SafeGuard is OEM from Balabit. With Balabit under the umbrella of One Identity, more features from Balabit will be added to SafeGuard. The most exciting one will be Privileged Account Analytics.

Let's see how will the ranking be in a year's time! :)


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