Tuesday, May 15, 2018

One Identity Cloud Access Manager - Backend SSO Method

Out of the box, One Identity Cloud Access Manager provides the traditional credential SSO methods like IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication) and HTTP Header. I like that it provides Form Fill, though I would keep this as a "hidden secret weapon" in the event customers have some legacy applications that I have no choice but to perform password replay.

In the same box (yes, same box. some other vendors require you to add-on :>), the trendier Federated SSO Methods like SAML2 and OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0 are provided. No additional add-on. No additional cost. SAML2 IdP is enabled out of the box. OpenID Connect Provider is enabled out of the box. Very easy to integrate with any 3rd party federated clients. 

I was trying to integrate our in-house JIRA via SAML2 and it took me less than 15 mins for the first try. 

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