Friday, June 19, 2009

Sun Directory Server 6.3.1 - ZIP Patch

I talked about my preference for Native Package Install for Sun Directory Server 6.x. (Read here)

Well, I decided to play around with ZIP install and especially to tinkle around with ZIP patch. Surprise! It's a breeze. 

The command to patch is exactly the same as install:

bash-3.00# ./dsee_deploy install -i  /comms/dsee

However, I do note some differences with ZIP install over Native Package install:
  • You need to install your own web container to deploy DSEE Console (a .war file). It is not tightly integrated with Java Web Console (aka smcwebserver). This is troublesome to me!

  • You cannot utilize the default system-installed CACAO agent. A standalone caocao will be installed in /dsee6/cacao_2 . Might cause confusion for someone who is handling operation.

If your customers (like my American bank customer) prefer a dedicated directory/partition for directory server installation, then you're likely to use ZIP installation.

Note: Native Package installation will create directories in /opt, /etc/opt, and /var/opt. This is the default installation paths for almost all Sun software.

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