Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why TrendMicro IMHS is dropped? -Review!!

In my 3rd post on why TrendMicro IMHS was dropped, I mentioned the importance of visibility of the quarantined messages, especially in a hosted security solution. 

I still cannot believe that TrendMicro's hosted security solution is that bad, because I have very good impression of their technical support when my previous company used OfficeScan Client-Server Suite.

I must admit TrendMicro technical support is one of the better ones. 

So, I decided to conduct a review. 

I was saying the end-user Message Center was always empty for a particular user who we are very sure that his account receives a lot of spam emails daily. 

Yesterday, I log into the Administrator Console again. I clicked on Policy and bingo! I then realized most of the Action have been set to "Delete", by default, including Spam or Phish. No wonder no quarantined email was found for that user. 

So I went ahead to modify the Action from "Delete" to "Quarantine".

This morning, I checked the Message Center again. Yeah! The quarantined emails are shown.

Hmm... now I am left wondering why Spam or Phish emails are deleted by default. It's back to "Opt-In or Opt-Out" rule. I would say for emails, it should be a Opt-Out, rather than Opt-In. Why do you say?

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