Friday, October 16, 2009

E-Mail Archiving Market Key Players

The Radicati Group, Inc listed the key players in the E-Mail Archiving market:

Source here.

I feel that the list is still long. There should be more consolidation in the coming years...

Interesting enough, OpenText quoted the following from the same report:

In its 2008-2012 Email Archiving Market report, Radicati Group estimated that the typical corporate user now sends or receives 156 messages per day—nearly doubling the volume per day estimated in 2004. By such measures, an organization of 10,000 employees would generate approximately 400 million emails over the course of a single year. What’s the impact of that much information? From a storage perspective, that much email could consume roughly 20 terabytes of new storage space—every year!

Source here.

Using the example above of an organization of just 10,000 employees, over the course of seven years the company could expect to accumulate 1.75 billion messages, consuming as much as 80 TB of storage space. Even if those messages are all stored on low-cost arrays, it’s still a significant amount of storage.

That's a lot of space and a lot of money! Storage business will never die! Ha!

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