Thursday, October 15, 2009

UWC missing in Sun Java Communications Suite 7

Sun Java Communications Suite 7 has been released since Sep 29th, 2009. Since I'm free today, I decided to read the Release Notes.

What caught my attention is UWC (Communications Express 6.3) has been deprecated!
Going forward, no new features will be added to the Communications Express user interface. It has been deprecated in favor of Sun Convergence. Communications Express will be removed from the product in a future release.

No patches will be issued for Communications Express versions prior to 6.3.

If you need to install Communications Express 6.3, use the Communications Suite 6 Update 2 media to get the software.

Read here.

This is mad. There is definitely a larger deployment of UWC than Sun Convergence. At least from my own experience on the ground.

Many corporate customers are comfortable enough with UWC. ISPs, of course, want Sun Convergence (OK, it's slicker) to gain market shares.

PS: Btw, there is still a customer of mine sticking with Messaging Express (ME). Ha!


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