Saturday, March 13, 2010

AXIGEN Mail Server - Installation & Configuration

Installation of AXIGEN Mail Server for standalone deployment is fairly simple. It took 12 steps!

Yes, that's it. As simple as that.

(If you need screenshots of the installation steps, email me at cheechong @

After installation, the next most important step is to configure Security & Filtering. This is almost a must these days.

The default installation of AXIGEN comes with a number of built-in AntiVirus and AntiSpam softwares, including a free 1-month trial of Commtouch Real-Time Antispam Protection.

The beauty of the AntiVirus and AntiSpam feature is the ability to dictate the order in which you want each component to be executed.

Now, what if you want to integrate commercial products like TrendMicro InterScan™ Messaging Security Suite (IMSS) with AXIGEN?

Not too difficult. You can always create a detour (Axigen calls it the Sandwich Architecture).

Basically, when emails arrive at the SMTP-Incoming:
  • A detour is made to deliver the emails to the AntiVirus/AntiSpam server (it can resides on the same machine or a remote machine)
  • The AntiVirus/AntiSpam server will scan the emails and perform actions based on predefined rules
  • A detour is again made to deliver the "safe" emails back to the Message Store

See here for detailed implementation.

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