Friday, March 12, 2010

AXIGEN Mail Server

I just downloaded a copy of Mobile Office Edition 7.3.2 from AXIGEN and managed to get license key for the software.

FYI, the Mobile Office Edition offers Push Email and PIM Synchronization.

As per my normal practice, I usually begin with the Architectural Diagram of any product which I intend to evaluate.

To me, selling is about convincing buyers with a diagram. It's best to illustrate visually and the story has to be simple. If it takes time to explain what your product is capable of, then it's difficult for buyers to make decision.

Mobility support is crucial these days with dynamic workforce. The list of supported mobile devices is pretty comprehensive. See here.

Do note the following:

  • Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® - compatible handsets such as Nokia Symbian / Apple iPhone / all Windows Mobile devices (Smartphone, PocketPC, HTC etc)

  • BlackBerry® handsets (through the AstraSync™ or the NotifySync™ client)

I think most vendors are pretty good in providing ActiveSync® solution. I'm a BlackBerry user though, so I'll be testing AstraSync™ instead.

For a detailed features listing, you should read the PDF file from here.

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