Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One inbox for every citizen

My colleague brought me to attention a grand vision made by the Singapore Government:

ALL residents will have an online mailbox to which various Government agencies will send statements and bills from tax statements to TV license renewals and service and conservancy bills. Called OneInbox, this service will be launched by 2012.  

The Straits Times 14-Jun-2010

It is indeed very daring - imagine all the old uncles and aunties having to learn how to use computers to read emails, just in case they get penalized for late payments. :)

Joke aside, I am more curious on which software vendor will get chosen for this tender?

Will it be Microsoft for it's Exchange Server again? (Since the Singapore government is pretty pro with anything Microsoft)

Will it be IBM for it's Lotus Notes? (I doubt so as it is pretty costly)

Will it be Oracle/Sun for it's Sun Java System Messaging Server? ( SJS MS used to be relatively cheap under Sun. The pricing is slightly different now though :>  Technically wise, it is a ISP-grade software, thus making it very suitable for this deployment )

I personally do not think the Government will go for any cloud service like Goggle Gmail, Microsoft BPOS, or IBM LotusLive. I'll be surprised if one of these 3 wins the deal.


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