Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Condor Archive

It has been a while since I last looked at Red Condor. (Read here)

Red Condor released a new product offering last October - Red Condor Archive.

A secure message archiving service that helps organizations meet compliance regulations, e-discovery support requirements, and data storage and management best practices.

Key benefits of Red Condor Archive include:
* Archiving of all inbound and outbound messages, internal and external
* Unlimited storage at no additional cost
* All data searchable at all times
* Preservation of data
* Easy to use interface
* Instant set-up
* Replication to multiple data centers
* Role-based Administration Dashboard
* Individual End User search

Read more here.

I am always curious how a company can sustain its business by providing unlimited service/storage at no additional cost.

There can only be 2 explanations:
1. My maths is poor;
2. I have not been in this business long enough

PS: Red Condor is not the only company offering unlimited storage at no additional cost.


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