Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Load Balancer in Front of the Web Agent

I continue to play with OpenSSO Policy Agent 3. This time round, I have 2 x Policy Agents deployed behind a load balancer. The Sun Web Server 7 acts as a Reverse Proxy to the backend GlassFish Application Server 2.1 running Sun Identity Manager.

Naturally, I'll follow the steps from Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for Web Agents. (Read here)

Oh mine!

The instruction was wrong and I spent a long time debugging the configuration steps. In the end, I had to read the source code for the Policy Agent for Sun Web Server 7.

The source was in C and C++. I'm never a C person. :) Another struggle.

The instruction to configure FQDN is OK.

Problems come when you start to read further down ...

If you map the above instruction to the UI in OpenSSO console (see below), you will never be able to find a way to configure the last property.

 In fact, the instruction should simply be Enabled or Not enabled.

The last property is supposed to be "Enabled". 

That's not all. There is another place where you need to make slight change:

The Agent Deployment URI Prefix should change from "Host-url/amagent" to "LB-url/amagent".



  1. Although this blog entry is 3 years old, it put us on the right track to solve a problem we were having with a project - thanks!