Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cluster initialization failed. Disabling the cluster service.

Switching from Solaris to Linux OS can be a challenge to me, at times.

I was installing and configuring Glassfish Message Queue for OpenAM Session Failover a month back and was not able to make it work initially.

The configuration was made exactly the same as what I would have done on a Solaris box. I have done that far too many times to have miss out anything. But.... the MQ just would not start on a Linux box!

So debugging was needed... In the end, I found the issue - "Invalid broker address for this broker to run in cluster: Loopback IP address is not allowed in broker address mq://"

I found out that in Linux OS, loopback IP is not allowed.

The resolution is to add imq.hostname in the BROKER_OPTIONS:

[lx123 ]$ cd /am/bin/sfo/bin
[lx123 bin]$ vi amsfo


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