Friday, July 5, 2013

OpenIdM + Brainwave - Perfect Match!

During the Open Identity Summit, I saw a presentation which got me pretty excited.

It was a presentation by Brainwave.

While OpenIdM aims to be the market leader in Identity Management, Brainwave wants to be the market leader in Identity Intelligence. It just won the Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor of the year!

So how do the 2 products complement each other? A simple diagram below serves to illustrate the relationship.

Architecturally, they are also a good fit. Both are running on top of OSGi framework.

Now, when it comes to Reports and Insight, this is where the WOW! comes.

I must say they are very comprehensive. Basically, they cover:

1. What are my risks?
2. What needs to be fixed?
3. Am I compliant?

In a very comprehensive way, I must say again. And there are multiple views to look at the same sets of data. Look here for a list of benefits from Brainwave.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with Brainwave and my team has initiated an internal detailed study on how to best integrate OpenIdM with Brainwave. This will better prepared ourselves to introduce an alternative solution to our existing Sun IdM customers.

Again, I must say big complex products out there in the marketplace will not necessarily win the battle. Yes, their salesmen are preaching hard these days. But I still believe lean deployment is the way to go.

Do you not agree with me that most customers buy a complex product usually to only use about less than 40-50% of the features? Then, why pay so much?


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