Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ForgeRock BackStage

I just came back from a 10-day holiday in New Zealand. Amazing place to be in! The scenery is best to none!

And I did a 32-km trail run on a sunny Saturday morning last weekend - The Great Cranleigh Kauri Run. Awesome view when I ran on the ridge!

By the way, I came back last night and received an email from ForgeRock Support. 

The BackStage has gone LIVE! BackStage is the new Customer Portal from ForgeRock. 

BackStage is the first step in providing a new level of service engagement between ForgeRock and our customers. It brings together our key online customer services into a single convenient location so that you will find your downloads, support tickets and product enhancement requests all in one place. The existing download site will be merged into the customer portal and as a subscription customer you will also be able to gain access to maintenance downloads and any critical or security patches available for your products.
BackStage also introduces a support ticket wizard to help you create tickets that more accurately reflect the nature of your problem, leading to a more efficient support process and hopefully a speedier conclusion. BackStage will also allow you to view your open support tickets; selecting a ticket will take you directly into the support system allowing you to view and update the ticket as usual.

To my customers, what is most important is Patches! :)

This is what matters to them most and this is exactly what they are paying for - timely patches for their mission-critical 24/7 Identity and Access Management System.


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