Sunday, May 11, 2014

amUpgrade log files issue

I was trying out upgrading our test labs' OpenAM server from 10.1.0-Express to 11.0.1 and encountered 100% full on our file-system.

How can that be? Our test VM has 26G of space allocated.

So I started investigating what was the root cause. Found a huge log file that is 3.3G in size - amUpgrade.

I then executed a tail command on the file. Wow! It was moving every single milli-second.

Just found out this was reported in bugster OPENAM-1791 - When in message level debug, amUpgrade file logs entries on every request to OpenAM console.

Time to patch your OpenAM if your are on the affected version. Workaround is not to turn on MESSAGE debug level, unless required.


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