Wednesday, May 14, 2014

OpenAM Session Persistence and Cross-talk

Something is brewing in the future release of OpenAM regarding the Session Persistency and Cross-talk among OpenAM servers.

I am seeing the following in the documentation:

To enable crosstalk between OpenAM instances, click the Enabled box. This ensures that OpenAM instances talk with each other to resolve any non-local sessions, rather than using session persistence. 
Note that if you have a large numbers of requests (for example, millions of requests per hour), the crosstalk could adversely affect server performance with the increase in network traffic. 
If session persistence is enabled, the crosstalk option is not enabled by default. If session persistence is not enabled, crosstalk is automatically enabled by default. If both session persistence and crosstalk is enabled, both features will be implemented, which could result in more network traffic.

I'm looking forward to this new enhancement!


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