Monday, May 11, 2015

Online export of OpenAM Configuration data from OpenDJ

We all know that the OpenAM configuration which we managed via the OpenAM Administration console is stored in either an embedded OpenDJ server (by default) or an external OpenDJ server.

For production systems, it would be recommended to backup the OpenAM configuration data nightly, specifically ou=services,o=[your organization]

I'm not too sure about ou=opensso adminusers,o=[your organization], but I'll backup a copy just to play safe.

Operationally, how huge will this OpenAM configuration data be? I can safely say it's very small. Will it have any performance hit on the OpenDJ server? Not likely. If the OpenDJ server is embedded which shares the same JVM as OpenAM, will it affect the functioning of OpenAM server? Not likely.

Anyway, we are talking about backup during off-peak hours, ain't we?


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