Friday, May 8, 2015

Porting embedded OpenDJ in OpenAM to external OpenDJ - Part IV

I blogged a few times on the procedures to port embedded OpenDJ in OpenAM to external OpenDJ. See Part IPart II and Part III.

So we are happily done with the migration from embedded to external OpenDJ. What's next?

There is a last mile -- clean up!

Remember the old embedded OpenDJ is started whenever OpenAM is started? It stays in the same JVM as OpenAM (you'll get it if you are in the Java world).

So this is to say even if OpenAM is configured to point to external OpenDJ, the old embedded OpenDJ will always be started whenever OpenAM is started. Simple logic.

So, how can we stop the old embedded OpenDJ from starting?

.../[openam-configuration-directory]/opends is where the embedded OpenDJ stays. 

Remove or rename the folder will do the trick. (I usually rename, never remove in case I want to roll back)



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