Wednesday, March 9, 2016

OpenAM - http://null:8080/auth/XUI/#login/

At times, like today, I do encounter http://null:8080/auth/XUI/#login/ error when trying to log in to OpenAM.

A quick workaround is to close the browser and open a new browser or go into Incognito mode.

PS: On the browser that I encountered the above issue, I did have another OpenAM session running. But it was pointing to a totally different domain. No time to think straight yet. :) Just a quick note here since I have captured the logs for further investigation.

Updated on 10th March 2016

Peter was referring to Configuration > Authentication > Core.

I tested in my environment. It worked! Thank you! Thank you!


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  1. Snippet from the 13 release notes:
    New XUI Reverse Proxy Support Option.

    A new option for controlling caching in the XUI when behind a reverse proxy is available in this release. The option is disabled by default when upgrading to preserve previous behavior, and enabled in clean installs.

    If reverse proxy support in the XUI is required after an upgrade from 12.0.0, delay enabling the XUI Reverse Proxy Support option long enough that cached JavaScript files on end-user clients have expired, for example 30 days. Failure to do so may result in users being redirected to http://null:8080.

    Although 13 doesn't actually have this setting any more. See OPENAM-5941 for more info on XUI file caching.