Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why IAM Projects Fail?

I was presenting to a potential Identity Management & Governance customer the other day. I talked about Why IAM Projects Fail and the Pain Points from our field experience.

Gartner has this nice diagram to explain Why IAM Projects Fail. A summary can be found here

See the proportion of People vs Products? In the market, there is really not much difference between the various IDM/IDG products. I can safely say their features are almost 85-90% similar. It's the implementors & customers' key stakeholders ("People") that makes the difference between a successful and failure IAM project.

A good People combination will spend more time in defining Principles, Practices, Policies and Processes. 

The Pain Points are from our field experience.

Again (coincidentally?), the biggest pain is People.

  • No ownership/main-driver (no full-time PM) 
  • Not trained 
  • Not really know what they really need (Keep changing requirement) 
  • Not enough support from application teams 
  • No well thought-of test plans & not following test plans

Sounds familiar? Well, the fact is we still encounter them in almost all IDM/IDG projects.


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