Wednesday, May 4, 2016

OpenAM & Facebook Business Manager

We know OpenAM supports OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect authentication module. OpenAM provides a wizard for configuring common OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect authentication providers, such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

In most use cases, for example Facebook, customers will go to Facebook Developers and create a new app for the company. 

The whole company will then use a common Facebook App ID.

Now, what if a company has multiple customer-facing websites? Each business unit owner would like to have their own Facebook Analytics for Apps to understand how people access their websites. 

This is where Facebook Business Manager comes in handy.


2 things to change:
1. Create 1 OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect authentication module for each sub-account
2. Change FB Login icon on each website to authenticate with the approriate authentication module created in Step 1.


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