Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Software Support

Recently, we hit into a production issue and were not able to resolve by ourselves. Thus we raised a support ticket on behalf of our customers. The support engineer needed the core dump when the issue re-surfaced again. So, he suggested to use Process Explorer or Debug Diagnostic tool.

Sure, no problem. But he added: "... If you encounter problem on dump capture, can you please engage Microsoft to assist as both process explorer and debug diagnostic tool are provided by Microsoft to capture dump."

Oh well, you were the one who asked customer to use tools from Microsoft to help you with debugging. Now, if that suggested tool(s) has issue, we need to raise a separate ticket with Microsoft?

Few weeks ago, we raised another ticket to the same engineer. By the way, he is support engineer for Product A in this company. The ticket was about how to integrate Product A with Product B from the same company.

To our astonishment, he responded with the following:

"It seems like some configuration issue on Product B. I suggest you open a ticket with Product B to check the configuration. Beside, from Product A documentation that you pointed out, I didn't find the OAuth provider can be Product B (Facebook and Google are the OAuth Provider mentioned). Therefore, I'm not sure if this can be done with Product B. If you have any additional documentation or details on how to integrate Product A with Product B as OAuth Provider, please share with me."

Hello, who is the customer? If you are not sure, you jolly well walk over (or skype/email) to Product B support team and find out more from them. You asking customer to bridge the communication gap between your two support teams? This is embarrassing.

You better wake up!

Side note: Besides ForgeRock products, my team delivers IAMS products from other principles as well.

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