Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Long-lived access token from Facebook - Change in response format

I blogged about OpenAM : How to exchange for a long-lived access token from Facebook? some time back.

I had this implemented for a customer who is still on OpenAM 11 and integrating with Facebook via Graph API version 2.0. Facebook Graph API is already v2.8

Recently we re-configured OpenAM to update the Facebook Graph API to v2.8. I realized we can no longer retrieved long-lived access token from Facebook.

The codes used to look like:

              // Need to strip: 
              //    e.g. access_token=[LONG-LIVED-ACCESS-TOKEN]&expires=5148647
              longLivedToken = longLivedToken.substring(13,longLivedToken.indexOf("&"));

It was returned as a String.

In Facebook Graph API to v2.8, the response format has been changed to JSON.


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