Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Request not valid, perhaps a permission problem

It has been a while since I last blogged. So I took the family to Taiwan for a holiday the last 2 weeks of December. Never sick of Taiwan. :)

Took part in a half-marathon before flying out the same day. Awesome race!

Back to work ... I was trying to set up an environment similar to that of my customer to debug an issue. We needed Facebook authentication, so that's my 1st step in getting the environment up.

Customer is still on OpenAM 11, while Facebook Graph API is already v2.8. The old way of configuring Facebook authentication module in OpenAM no longer work. Change log here.

Today, I was not lucky. Hit into "Request not valid, perhaps a permission problem" right away.

The error message on the browser wasn't helpful at all!

I tried looking at the debug logs by setting to MESSAGE level. Saw "Parameters code or activation were not present in the request". Not helpful either!

After trying to figure out what was wrong for a while, I accidentally clicked on the address bar. Bingo! (Safari hid the whole URL with error message from facebook!!)


So read_stream scope has been deprecated. Removed it from OpenAM and I could proceed to my next step.


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