Tuesday, September 5, 2017

API Design - Initiate Optimize

In my previous blog, I talked about a customer of mine who worried about too many calls hitting her API Gateway.

As we have seen quite a number of API deployment gone live, these are typical worries. One has to treat this type of project as a Full Lifecycle API Management journey. API deployment cannot be treated as a one-off project.

The worry that the customer had is where we will usually Initiate Optimize as illustrated in the diagram above.

  • Optimize the way the application requests for a OAuth2 access token by reusing an established access token
  • Optimize by increasing the OAuth2 access token timeout 

Are we able to foresee every possible performance issue that will surface after go-Live? Very hard.

Why? APIs are exposed to consumers in the public. There are no fixed usage pattern. We can usually optimize based on past experience, but usually tweaking is required after go-Live for each deployment.


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