Monday, September 18, 2017

More APIs integration with IRAS (Singapore Taxman)

I blogged about More and more APIs exposed by Ministries. Yesterday, I read about Taxman calls on Grab, Uber drivers from Straits Times.

Dodging the taxman will become more difficult in the gig economy, as going cashless allows for better electronic tracking of payments. And the taxman has his sights next on Uber and Grab drivers.

An Iras spokesman said: "To simplify tax filing and ease compliance for our taxpayers, Iras continually seeks ways to explore initiatives with third parties and platform providers to automate the transmission of income information directly into our tax systems."

What's the end state?

Definitely a gateway (Grab/Uber) with gateway (IRAS) integration with Grab/Uber automatically submitting drivers' earnings directly to IRAS - same as the one we are implementing right now for an Insurance agency in Singapore.


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