Friday, October 20, 2017

CA API Developer Portal Sign Up Form - Organization Name missing!

A customer of mine wanted to add Organization Name (make it mandatory also) to the Sign Up form. Just a few days prior to meeting with him, I was playing around with CA API Developer Portal. I do remember that Organization Name is actually available, but it was displayed as Title on the Sign Up form.

I confirmed via the admin console.

The issue is with the naming “Title”. It should be “Organization Name”. The UI should display Field Name, instead of Field ID. This could be a bug with the product.

This field can also be made mandatory by clicking on “Make this field required?”. I tested and it works in my labs.

With regard to the "bug", CA Support came back with a solution. 

Navigate to /xml_content/phrasepacks/v3. Edit dashboard-display.xml.

*** look out for title and description keys and make changes there.
*** make sure you are in common form phrases section 


Now, customer also asked how he can rename the wordings "I accept the disclaimer".

It's actually residing in the same XML under the tag "AcceptedDisclaimer". 


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