Thursday, November 2, 2017

API Slug

 I was playing with Tyk since they are offering 50.000 API calls / day FOC. What can you ask for?

While creating a test API, I came across a term "API Slug". What's that?

API IDs are internally unique but hard to remember. These are not useful for users, so you can replace them with a slug.

I find this developer friendly, as opposed to GUID as shown below.

Tyk was built because other open source API Gateways in the market come with dependencies and bloat, attempting to be too many things to too many people. Tyk is focused, simple and does one thing well - protecting your API from unauthorised access.

Another open source product ... let's see how long they will stay being open source.

These days, I make it a habit to fork frequently. You never know when the source will be closed.

When $ comes and put on your table, let's see whether or not you'll stay true to yourself - the original dream of building a whole-class open source product for the open source community.

We are all human beings.


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