Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CA API Policy Manager - Revision History

CA API Policy Manager is the user interface for the CA API Gateway. It is used to construct web service and XML application policies, manage policy users, configure identity bridging, and configure, audit, and monitor the CA API Gateway. Pretty useful tool, though it's a "eighties" thick client. 

It has tons of functions though, and they become quite useful at times. Today, a developer in my client's side changed something to an existing API, but couldn't tell me exactly what he has changed. 

Well ... typical. Vendors are paid to spend time to discover/explore/clean-up what has been messed up.  

Luckily, the Policy Manager has a Revision History to each API.

It can show a history of the changes made. What's best is one can choose 2 historic APIs and make comparisons.

What's even better is it can pin-point which assertion(s) within the API has been modified. A visual output in RAW XML format can even be shown.

This function saves me big time!


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