Thursday, January 25, 2018

CA API Gateway - 9.3 (New Features and Enhancements)

CA just released API Gateway 9.3 - New Features and Enhancements are listed here

There is a new feature which I think is pretty cool - Apply Circuit Breaker assertion.

The Apply Circuit Breaker assertion defines thresholds for failure conditions which, when exceeded, prevent blocks of your policy from executing for a configurable period. 
This is ideal for avoiding bottlenecks that arise due to request processing slowdowns that are caused by sluggish or malfunctioning back-end systems. 
Once the Apply Circuit Breaker assertion detects a circuit has exceeded a threshold, the assertion fails and none of its child assertions execute. Depending on the surrounding policy logic, a failed Apply Circuit Breaker assertion could cause further branching or it could fail the entire policy.

After a predetermined timeout period, the circuit resets and the bypassed portion is once again live.

Going to try it soon! :)


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