Friday, January 26, 2018

Kong API Gateway CE 0.12.0 - Circuit Breaker feature

The latest Community Edition version is Kong CE 0.12.0, just released today.

Coincidentally, there is a new feature in Kong that is similar to the one released by CA API Gateway 9.3 - Circuit Breaker.

Support for health checks! Kong can now short-circuit some of your upstream Targets (replicas) from its load balancer when it encounters too many TCP or HTTP errors. 
You can configure the number of failures, or the HTTP status codes that should be considered invalid, and Kong will monitor the failures and successes of proxied requests to each upstream Target. We call this feature passive health checks. 
Additionally, you can configure active health checks, which will make Kong perform periodic HTTP test requests to actively monitor the health of your upstream services, and pre-emptively short-circuit them. 
Upstream Targets can be manually taken up or down via two new Admin API endpoints: /healthy and /unhealthy.

More technical with implementation details at GitHub - Add active and passive health checks.

Pretty cool!


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