Monday, January 29, 2018

WeChat Login Web Integration

We have a Chinese customer who wants to implement WeChat login for the custom IDM User Portal which we have developed for them.

The implementation is pretty straight-forward as WeChat Login for Web Applications supports OAuth2 protocol. There is even a very good documentation written in English.

Now, the difficult part comes ... setting up of Developer Account. This is by no means easy as the check is very stringent.

To begin with, the registration page is in Chinese! And if you are a company, you need to submit company registration certificate, applicant's identification card, company bank account information etc.. And finally, if you are an overseas company, you need to pay USD 120 for verification fee.

And you are not guaranteed of having your application being approved.  :)

I'm praying hard. Just submitted and transferred USD120 to Tencent.


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