Thursday, March 22, 2018

AliCloud ECS Web Hosting

I have been playing a bit of Tencent Cloud and Ali Cloud lately due to some projects in China. 

And I was experimenting how easy it is to host a sample web site on Ali Cloud. It should be a 5-mins job. It took longer for me last night.

I kept hitting into this error - "This site can't be reached".

I ssh into the server and found there wasn't any iptables enabled. The Apache HTTPd daemon was up and running. 

I just couldn't figure out why. I google for some clues.

Pretty good documentation here from Alibaba Cloud documentation team. (Yes, pretty surprised! The English was good.)


The steps by steps were clear and concise. It made me look like a clown for not being able to make my sample website work!

I had no choice. I paid 1 year upfront, so I must get value out of it. I raised a support ticket and while I was waiting for a response, I came across a sub-menu "Security Groups". No harm taking a look.

Bingo! The "firewall" is not configured within the server via the iptables. It is to be configured via the ECS console.

I added a new rule to accept Inbound HTTP 80 traffic and that did the trick!

What's the point of documenting so much when the essential point is not covered?


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