Friday, March 9, 2018

Identity Governance of Unstructured Data

I received an email from SailPoint this morning. It has just published a white paper on how to secure access to unstructure data. 

It examines each of the organizational and technical barriers to securing unstructured data and provides practical advice on how IAM managers should respond to this risk. It explains how identity governance can be extended to better secure unstructured data to meet privacy and compliance requirements.

So far, there are only 2 products that can govern unstructured data. 1 from SailPoint (I think they bought over a product called WhiteBox). The other is One Identity Manager - Data Governance.

Identity Manager - Data Governance Edition protects your organization by giving access control to the business owner rather than the IT staff. The business owner can grant access to sensitive data. With the Identity Manager restricted access functionality, you define access policies for your organization. You have the power to analyze, approve and fulfill unstructured data access requests to files, folders and shares across NTFS, NAS devices and SharePoint, ensuring that sensitive, unstructured data is only accessible to approved users.

The primary targets are Windows Shared Folders/Files, especially within SharePoint.

I know there is already a project on-going in Australia that adopts Identity Manager - Data Governance Edition. Wishing them a successful implementation!

In my opinion, Data Governance is quick to win (for Sales), but very hard to exit (for Implementers).

Will I take this up? :)


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